Central Library

The central library of SSGI campus serves students and faculty by providing reading material both printed and non-printed and access to the web, online journals, online books and reference books. The library is fully air-conditioned. The library has more than 18000 books


Special attention has been paid to the provision and equipment of a well stockedlibrary. The Library contains a large number of books on topic of curriculum as well as general interest and is expanding every year. The periodical section is well provided with journals and news papers

Working Hours:

The library remains open from 9 a.m to 6 p.m

Rules and Regulations :

Books are issued to students on his/her library cum identity card, which must be produced at the time of issue and return of books.

The following rules should be noted and complied with:

  • Students are required to observe silence in the library.
  • References books and periodicals are not issued to the students except for consultations in the library.
  • Students must possess their identity cards while working in the library.
  • If the book is already damaged in any form, it should be brought to the knowledge of the librarian otherwise the students will be held responsible for the damage. Nobook should be disfigured in any manner.
  • For loss of book, students will have to deposit a copy of the same book and same edition otherwise he/she will have to pay double the price of the book.

Library throng

The library has a huge collection of books on Science and technology including physics,chemistery,Math,Computer science, Management,Commerece, Mechanical Engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, Civil engineering B.Sc. Agriculture, Human Values, Environmental Science.

Others Collections

General Collection, Reference Books,Text Books (TB),Video Cassette/ Compact Discs (CD).

Library facility:

  • Circulation services
  • PTU Previous years Question papers
  • E-Journals
  • News papers/ Magazines