Electronics Engg. Labs

  • In electronics department there are many labs in which students perform various experiments.
  •  BEEE lab, students perform electrical as well as electronics practical’s by using diodes, resistances, transistors, capacitors, regulated power supply and in electrical starting\reversing of a 3-phase induction motor, verify the V/I relations in Star and Delta connected system, open circuit and short circuit test on a single phase transformer and calculate its efficiency.
  • In Embedded System and HPI lab students perform programs on 8085, 8031, 8086 and learn how to run stepper motor, traffic light, LED display, LCD display.
  • In DCS and DCLD labs students design digital circuits by using IC’s like 7432, 7404, 7408, 74152, 74153, 7486; by using FSK, ASK and PSK circuits students observe ouput.
  • In instrumentation and radar labs like EMI, students calculate unknown resistance, unknown capacitance and unknown inductance, small resistances by using bridges, RLC resonance circuit and various practical’s performed on radar kit.

Ms.Rajni Thapa

(Lab Incharge)

Dept of ECE

SSIET, Dinanagar