To ensure that students enjoy the convenience of boarding & loading in the campus, SSGI is providing separate hostels for boys and & girls .Hostels provide a salubrious ambience and are equipped with required amenities.


  • Nutritious Food
  • Spacious rooms
  • Medical facility
  • Sports rooms are available in the hostel.
  • High power generators
  • Hostels Rules:
  • Students are required to on serve strict discipline in the hostels. Any act of indiscipline/misbehavior will lead to disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostels and from the college.
  • Students will mark their attendance daily between 9.00 pm 9.15 pm in the register maintained with the hostel warden
  • No outsiders/non-outsiders will be allowed to stay in the hostels.
  • No female guest is allowed to the room in the boys hostels.
  • During working hours, the students will not set in the hostels/canteen etc.
  • Students are responsible for all fillings and properly in their rooms. Any
  • students found causing damage to the hostels properly will be strictly dealt with.
  • No intoxicants/weapons/electrical appliances/sticks etc.
  • The mess rules are available with the contractor.
  • Mess-bills are to be made in the beginning of the month.
  • Only authorized persons can meet the hostlers.
  • The hostlers must be inside the hostels premises by 6 pm.
  • A fine of Rs 50/- will be charged for absent without prior permission.

SSGI offers a modern and large fleet of buses to transport students to and from the

institutions. Over 70% of students come from the surrounding areas.

A fleet of buses is available to fetch the students from different locations. The bus

facility includes the following form

Route 1: Jugial— Madhopur—- Sujanpur—-Sarna—Parmamand to SSGI

Route 2: Pathankot — Sarna — Parmamand to SSGI

Route 3:Batala—to SSGI

Route 4:Quadian- Kanuwan-Gurdaspur to SSGI

Route 5:Old Taragarh—to SSGI

Route 6: Dorangla—Gahliri—Jhabkra—Behrampur to SSGI

Route7: Bambial to SSGI

For further enquiry you can contact on following Number

Route1:Ms.Pooja kapoor(8558831014)

Route2:Ms.Neeru Sharma, Ms.Monika Gupta(9478427103)

Route3:Ms.Nisha Aggarwal (9988465821)


Route5,Route 6,Route 7:Mr.Charnajeet Singh(8558831011)

Sports is all form of generally modest physical activity, aim to use maintain or improve physical ability and skills.  Sport is generally known as activities which are grounded in physical athleticism. For Fair competition sports are generally overseen by Rules and Regulation. Your regular physical activity should be part of your life. Physical activity involving Greater confidence and self-awareness and greater social contact and interaction. Physically active play develops motor and social skills, intellectual capacities and concepts, and creativity. Sport and recreation can reduce self-destructive and delinquent behavior in young people, and contribute to a more disciplined attitude.

List of Games

  • Volley ball
  • Basket Ball
  • Badminton
  • 100 Meter Race
  • 200 Meter Race
  • 400 Meter race
  • Long Jump
  • High Jump
  • Shot-put
  • Sag race
  • Cricket

Mr. Guriqbal Singh (Head of Sports Council)

Ph.No   94650-73237

E-mail   [email protected]


Coordination committee

Sr.No                Name of Coordinator      Department
1                Mr. Amritpal Singh      ME
2                Mr. Rajwinder Singh      ECE
3                Mr. Sunil Dalhotra      CSE
4                Mr. Mohit Nanda      CE
5                Ms. Neeru Sharma      Applied Science
6                Ms. Amanbir Kaur      CSE
7                Mr. Sanjeev manjotra      Management
8                Mr. Varun Berry      Computer science & application
9                Ms. Sunaina      Computer science & application
10                Ms. Nisha      Management

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