Mission & Vision


Our Vision is to develop students with sound techno-skills, having fait in ethical as well as religious values, and ability to solve engineering problems in the emerging society. We concentrate on social development ,fostering economic competitiveness and to improve the quality of life by merging the professional skills ,intellectual and conceptual development with the educational program.


Our mission is to provide such path to the students that will lead them to the invincible heights of knowledge with exemplary professional qualities. Our college program reflects the philosophy that real education is that which converts the students into the servers of humanity. In our institute, the innovation,creativity,learning,and application knowledge are synergic ally balanced. We have a tradition of strong graduate and post graduate educational programs that emphasize on developing the creativity among the students. The institute fosters an environment that illuminates the minds of students with the spirit of becoming the responsible citizens.

  • Provide the students with the dedicated mentors with the exceptional teaching skills.
  • Give them the exposure to the industrial sites to mould their thinking according and continuously changing technological world.
  • Hone the productive thinking levels and to embellish their instinct powers and skills so that the creative ideas with the fruitful thoughts huddle their minds.