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Poojya Swami Sarvanand Ji

Poojya Swami Sarvanand ji was a very noble and pious soul. He was an ardent supporter of equality of educational opportunities for all and was aware of the awful inequalities in the society-the appalling disparities of health, education, wealth, opportunity that condemn millions of people to lives of despair. I charity is giving food to the hungry, medicines to the sick, education to the poor, love to the souls, Swami ji was the charity. He was a great visionary and always wanted that the light of education should reach every nook and corner irrespective of any high and low. His dream was to take education to those who could not afford. As a tribute to him a number of educational institutions have been established under the name and style”SSGI” to carry forward his mission of providing technical and management education to all. At the same time under the umbrella of Dayanand Matth Dinanagar, Dayanand Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya is also running.


“We are proud of the great soul,who had inspired and shaped our present and continues to illuminate our future.”