Grievance cell/Haressment cell for girls students

Our Institutes has decided to provide mechanism to students for redressal of their grievances with regard to their complaints on academic and non-academic matters, grievances related to assessment, victimization, attendance, charging of fees, conducting of examinations, harassment by colleague students or teachers etc.

The Institutes  has a Grievance Redressal Cell to redress the grievance of its stakeholders. The students approach the cell to voice their grievances regarding academic matters, health services, library and other services. A Student may send his/her grievance to the director over email ([email protected]) or put the note in the Grievance box located near the Director’s office. The cell redresses the grievances by sorting out the problems promptly and judiciously.


The Grievance Redressal cell of the institute functions with the following purposes;

    • to ensure a democratic environment in the campus, to acquaint all the faculty
    • Student about their rights and duties, to solve the various personal and educational related grievances of the teacher Student.
    • to make the institution student friendly, and to ensure the qualitative as well as quantitative development of the institution through the grievance and redressal cell.


A. Committee at Institute level to deal with Grievance related to Academic and Administrative matter

1. Dr. Subash Kumar -Director, SSGI, 8558831002

2. Dr. Darshan Jindal ,Director of SSGI 8558831013

3. Mr. Dinesh Dhawan-HOD of MCA Deptt, 8558831010.

4  Mr. Charanjeet Singh-HOD of BCA Deptt,8558831011

5. Mr. S.S Tagger –HOD of Management Deptt,8558831012

6.Mr.Gurigbal Singh-HOD of Mechanical Deptt,8558831004


B. Committee at Institute level to deal with Grievance related to Training & Placement  matter

1. Dr.Vandana Mahajan -Training & Placement officer,  8558831009

2. Mr.Varun Berry-Assistant Professor,9888057507

3. Mr. Himanshu Khana, 9888227674

4. Ms. Arsha – Assistant Professor,9780809531
5. Ms.Aakshi ohri- Assistant Professor,7837269009

6. Ms.Pooja kapoor- Assitnat Professor,8558831014


C. Committee at Institute level to deal with Grievance related to Transportations matter

  1. Mr. Charanjeet Singh-HOD of BCA Deptt,8558831011
  2. Mr. Amritpal Singh –HOD of civil Deptt,9855874856.

Redressal of Grievances (RoG) Mechanism  is as under:

(a) An aggrieved student who has the Grievance shall make an application first to the Director. The Director, after verifying the facts will try to redress the grievance within a reasonable time, preferably within a week of the receipt of application of the student.

(b) If the student is not satisfied with the Administrative/Academics/Transportation Facility offered by the Institute and feel that his/her Grievance is not redressed, he/she can submit an appeal to the Corresponding committee within a week from the date of receipt of decision with the relevant details,.

(c) While dealing with the complaint, the committee at all levels would observe law of natural justice and hear the complainant and concerned people.

(d) While passing an order on any Grievance at any level, the relevant provisions of Act/Regulations would be kept in mind and no such order would be passed in contradiction of the same.

Committee at Institute level to deal with Sexual Harassment for Female Students

  1. NISHA AAGGARWAL (COORDINATOR)       7087431025
  2. SANJIV MANJOTRA (MEMBER)                    9888456861
  3. VARUN GUPTA (MEMBER)  9878677522
  4. MONIKA GUPTA (MEMBER)  9478427103
  5. RAJNI LAMBA (MEMBER)  7696358389

The said committee will look after for the matter concerning with the protection, self-defence of the female students.

Female students will be taught regarding the technique of handling such circumstances. Moreover, plans will be made for conducting some inspirational lecture to the students. Apart from this workshop on self-defence mechanism will be hold to help the female student in handling situations.


Expert lecture 3rd week of jan 2016

Conference on self defence of female 2nd week of feb 2016

Workshop 3rd week of march.