Director’s Message SSIMT

Dear Students

It gives me immense pleasure to share with students that you are getting your education in an institution where there is lealthy atmoshpere for your overall development and many good things that shall help you in your future and this is only because of co-operative culture of studnets,faculty members,staff and the management of institution.Here ,the emphasis is on life and the study at SSGI is truly enchanting and a lifetime experience for students.

The aim of SSGI is to develop not just top quality engineers,managers and computer professions but also well developed persons.Our motto therefore is “Sharpening Minds.Brightening Tommorrow”whch is the joy of excellence in a world of high technology.

At SSGI,we have much to offer to our student communituy who come from different walks of life.the institute not only aims to enrich your academic journey,but alos provides you an environment to explore and discover your true potential.We continue to build a multi-cultural student and academic community,as it is vital componnts in an excellent education system.We aspire that all students leaving the institute take their places in the global community.

In addition to academic quality,we value diversity because it is one of the most treasured tents of the institte.As an emerging educational institute in the state of punjab,we continue to strive to attaract students and faculty from different backgrounds and provide them the kind of support they need to thrive,Understanding the need to prepare students beyond acdemic excellence,our eminent faculty entails a series of personal developemnet workshops/programs that aspire to builld students’s self-confidence,creativity and comunication skills.

To enchance students’s learning opportunities and experience,the institute organizes a myriad of activities such as industry visits,community outreach initiatives,cultural events,bazarrs,sports activities and students council that students can engage in and be part of the SSGI fmily.I urge every student to make the best use of your time at SSGI,by using our offering to its fullest potential .As your partenrs in your pursuit of a life of excellence and fullfillement,I Wish you the very best in your journey to success.i invite you to pay a visit to our college campus to witness how flower Dreamers,Achievers and Wineers.

Best Wishes

Dr. Subash Kumar